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New Development Matters- Characteristics of effective learning


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I like the section on the characteristics of effective learning (CoEL) in the new Development Matters document and particularly on the first page:

The characteristics of effective teaching and learning weave through them all. (7 areas of learning) That's because children in the early years are becoming more powerful learners and thinkers. These characteristics develop as they learn to do new things, acquire new skills, develop socially and emotionally, and become better communicators.

Weaving through the areas of learning- a concept that's easy to assimilate, I think. Especially if you use Tapestry! 🤣

Playing and exploring- still includes exploration, showing interest in open-ended resources, and doing things independently- so, the idea of choices and challenges are still there.

Active learning- still includes children meeting their own goals by  persevering through various strategies.

Creating and thinking critically- still includes solving problems, making links and having their own ideas.

Of course, an enormous area where we can all learn a great deal more- from excellent books such as :

  Helen Moylett's, Characteristics of Effective Early Learning

Nancy Stewart's How Children Learn : the characteristics of effective early learning

How do you observe children's CoEL and assess their strengths?

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