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Hi, sorry I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but can someone please remind me how to merge child accounts together? We had a child who came to us and another setting so has an account at both settings, their account from the other setting has now been transferred to us so I want to merge the 2 journals into 1 - I've done it before with another child but I can't seem to find how to do it again....... 

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Hi, could it be made possible to allow receiving settings to request a transfer from an existing setting? I find I end  up with the duplicates because sometimes you have to chase for the transfer to be started and then you feel like you’re keeping on for it and it still doesn’t happen before a child starts with you 🙁

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Do you mean that you are wanting to start the transfer yourself, as the receiving setting? Or are you looking for a way to contact the sending through Tapestry to prompt them to start the transfer process?

If you are looking at the former, I'm afraid it is not possible to request a transfer from another setting directly as the receiving setting - the setting that holds the data (so the 'sending' setting) has to first generate a transfer name and key, then pass it on to the receiving setting before anything can be transferred. 

The reason it was set up this way is because the sending setting is responsible for the child's data before it is sent anywhere else, therefore it cannot be sent out before they give permission to do so and they also have to decide which parts of the child's profile they wish to send to the receiving setting (so for example, they may be happy to send out the child's observations, but they may wish to not send certain reports). Ultimately, it is the sending setting that holds responsibility for the child's personal data and so they have to be the one to initiate the transfer. 

The 'merge child accounts' function was created so as to help mitigate the issue you have raised, in that a child may start with you before any previous profile is transferred. We appreciate it takes slightly longer, but the transfer system must comply with Data Protection.

I hope this clarifies things a bit, but let us know if this is not what you meant!


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