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Hi my name is Jules and I am a Childminder. I am new to Tapestry and still using the free trial.  getting there slowly  muddling my way through Tapestry help sections, think its going to be very beneficial.  Do you have any advice or tips that might be beneficial to help me get used to using Tapestry, I worry that I am missing important criteria?

Many thanks

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The joy of tapestry is that you can adapt it for your setting. What things are important to you? what do you need/want to do with it.? do you have systems that work well already that you don't want to change? 

When we started we just did observations ...then assesssments and now we do all sorts ! (weve just started doing accident forms on there and adding documents too) Take it slowly, we kept it to ourselves until we were ready to allow parent access.

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Hi, Jules! And welcome :) 

I agree with Finelysmaid - it's best to take the time to think what you are using it for first. What takes lots of time and resources to do during your day to day and then start exploring how Tapestry can make that quicker and easier. 

You don't need to use everything on there so try not to get overwhelmed by all the features! If you need any clarification on any of them, do ask in here or send us an email at customer.service@eyfs.info and we will help you! 

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