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Afternoon All,

I hope everyone is doing well.

Just a quick question (well probably not quick!) has anyone changed their bubbles around?  I noticed on the 'Family' website that they say that bubbles should....

Contain the same children for a minimum of one week (Monday to Friday) and ideally longer with at least a weekend between new bubbles

So taking from that, that I could change my bubbles around next Monday???  This would only involve a few children moving from one bubble to another, after this week we have realised that some children need to be within another bubbles (due to staff, friends, environment!)

Just wondering if anyone else has done this?

Many thanks.


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If you move a child from bubble 1 to bubble 2 and a child or staff  in bubble 2 is tested positive would B1 also have to isolate because a child in B2 was in B1 a few days prior? .....but having said that I’d be very surprised if you had a confirmed case (child or staff) that parents wouldn’t pull their child out regardless of being in a different bubble to the confirmed case bubble 🤷‍♀️

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