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F2 End of year reports after Covid school closure


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Hi there,

We have just been told that we still have to produce a written end of year report for parents of our F2 class. We usually include a section about maths and lit progress and  their next steps but feel this could be hard as we haven't worked with them since March.

Could anyone tell me what their schools plan to include? We were thinking maybe of just reporting on the children's Characteristics of Effective Learning and a general comments section.

Thanks for any  help/advice.


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Hi, the statutory guidance on school reports is here.


You must report once annually on the prescribed elements, and typically schools may split this into three updates but they form the annual report. For all year groups you must report on:

  • General progress
  • Brief particulars of achievements, highlighting strengths and developmental needs
  • How to arrange a discussion about the report with a teacher at the school
  • Attendance record

I have been advising that you do not need to report on the ELGs as these form part of the statutory assessment and as the EYFSP has been cancelled this is not needed.







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I'm not in school so this is all a bit alien to me but if I had to then I would think that this year I would write about how well the child has coped with the changes and stress of the last few months and then add that this is in no small part down to the wonderful support and work that was done at home during lockdown.   I  would then add that all learning experiences help to build a strong young person ready for the next step in their learning and that you are very proud of the child and how resilient and resourceful they have become.......

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Sorry for the late reply. Thanks so much for both answers, really helpful. We went with a summary of the year, remembering all the fun learning we did along the way til March, and then a general, very positive comment about each child. Parents seemed happy with this and it wasn't to onerous for us either.


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