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We have created an additional status for child profiles: ‘Enrolling’.

This status will allow you to create profiles for the children joining your setting soon, before your existing children have moved, but without you needing to upgrade to a larger package size. Although you will not be able to link enrolling children to posts (observations, memos, activities, reflections), you will be able to fill in their ‘About Me’ pages, create labels for them, and organise them into groups. You can also set up the relatives of these new children and link them together. Relatives will be able to login to see their children on Tapestry, contribute to the About Me, and see any Documents you’ve made visible to them.

Children added to your account via a CSV file or as part of a transfer from another setting will now come in with the status ‘Enrolling’ but that can be changed to ‘Active’ as soon as you’re ready.

You have space for as many Enrolling children as you do Active children e.g. if you have a 20 child package, you can have 20 active children and 20 enrolling children simultaneously. If you need to go beyond that limit you will need to increase your package size. This tutorial talks you through how to add children as enrolling individually and this one explains how to do this in bulk. 

Once you have added children as enrolling, this tutorial will talk you through how to activate them.

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