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Naming videos in order


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Hi. Please can someone advise me. When uploading videos in a Memo (or observation), is there anyway of labelling the videos so that the children (parents) can watch them in the order that I want them too? Even if I upload one at a time - they seem to view in a random order. TIA 

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Thank you for getting in touch with us!

I am afraid that at the moment it is not possible to reorganise the media uploaded, but this is something we are currently looking into. I have registered your interest and we will get in touch with any developments on the matter. 

A workaround would be to add a video/photo, save the memo, then edit it and add the next video and save, then edit again, etc. I have just tested it myself (as I got myself doubting!) and by doing it that way I was able to upload the media on the desired order. 

Best wishes,


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