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Does any setting have a way of monitoring staff observation amounts. Currently we ask that staff complete a min of 5 observations per key child for each month, as we use the system Tapestry. However I am finding that staff are rushing to complete observations as the end of end month, and when I log on online some staff are  completing no more than two/one  per week. Management have told staff several times that observations need to be  spread out across the month, however they are clearly not doing so.....

I was thinking of doing a weekly monitor sheet with my deputy, and if staff haven't done a certain amount within that week, they will need to stay behind to complete the observations. Any thoughts???????

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Is there a reason for asking for five spread out observations per month?  What if a child has two or three 'wow moments' in one week, then a plateau with not so much happening?  I ask for quality observations over quantity and the number of obs will vary from child to child, depending on factors such as their rate/stage of development and their attendance.  If a key person was struggling to get obs for a particular child, we would think about why this was.  Is it to do with what we are providing?  Or is it coming from the child?  We would probably look at levels of involvement too.

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