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when (sorry can't get rid of strike through!!)   When we celebrated children's birthdays, they had a new photo of themselves to add to a large cupcake design with the title I am 2, 3 or 4, these cupcakes were on a noticeboard, so while they could be seen, as we shared our space with other hall users, they were not identifiable by name etc.  We were able to make a reasonable fuss of the children on their birthdays, which I really enjoyed, except when they clashed with end of term, or other celebrations, then the whole morning was mind boggling. 

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Well that being the case - my way only showed whether a child was 2,3 or 4, it didn't say when! so if you are allowed images on the wall of the children that would be a possibility, or have a foldaway type of board or display that you can show and update with the children when it is a birthday.

Sadly there will always be different interpretations of new rules and whether we like them or not, or think they are daft or not, if it is not us setting those rules we just have to abide by them9_9 or be creative in finding ways around them


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