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Intervew Literacy activity with mixed reception and Nursery

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Hi all.  I have an interview for a teaching position and Deputy Nursery Manager and have been asked to prepare a Literacy Teaching Session followed by a small group activity lasting 30 minutes in total.  The issue is that it is with a group of mixed Nursery and Reception children so trying to think of an interesting activity that will be relevant to all levels.  I know that both groups have been looking at Minibeasts and Growth so want to link it to that.

Initial thoughts was to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar then small group to choose a food it ate and either write a sentence or write the initial sound of the food.

Any ideas would be gratefully received!


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how about doing the story and then taking some apples in with letters written on them..can the children find their letter (the less able should be able to do this) or can they use the letters given to create a word or even a small sentence (depending on your apples!) would give you more scope for abilities range????

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3 minutes ago, Clairelu said:

Thanks, that's a nice idea.  Was really struggling to incorporate all abilities and ages without it being too hard/easy 

Oh dear I don't settle for nice....will have to come up with something more wow for youxD

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What about writing own versions using each of the children's favourite foods e.g. On Monday Billy ate 1 weetabix but he was still hungry, on Tuesday Sam ate 2 biscuits but he was still hungry, on Wednesday Delia ate 3 fish fingers but she was still hungry etc etc. with you scribing the children's ideas and children illustrating or writing words- to produce a short, collaborated book that they can all join in the repeated refrains with?

Or writing/drawing shopping lists for the different items the caterpillar ate or maybe a recipe book using some of the ingredients?

Nursery children could choose the items to put in the recipe and reception children could scribe it?

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