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Lvl 3 CACHE EYW (EYE) child study


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Two of my ladies are doing the new lvl 3 course and are approaching their "longitudinal" child study section.   There were some posts on here a while back about exactly what this entailed and there was a lack of consistent information.   It has been suggested by their tutor that they could start their child study this term to give a good time band but as yet they haven't really been given any info on what this entails nor is it clear from their text books as this course has slightly changed in the last year.     Has anyone completed this in the last few months and if so what was required from your tutor re the study ie was it just one child over a period of time with 4 observations which you then linked to development etc   or was it planning activities for the child study then observing and linking to development etc.   When I did my child study (sometime last century!......just kidding but sometimes it feels like that) we had to choose a child and then do a series of different style obs (planned/spontaneous) covering different areas of development in those days using SPICE .  We then had to link the obs to child theorists.......for example if my child did X  I might say that Freud said this was because ......whilst Piaget said it was because......... and then draw my own conclusions.   Is it similar or is it now completely different?  Any advice would be useful....but I would like it to be first hand re this course and not anecdotal or what anyone thinks it might be.....Thank you

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