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It has been a very long time since I posted. Would anyone be able tell me what the child ratios are for a member of staff who has this qualification. I have looked on the EYE quals list and a whole host of sites but I am so confused.

Thanks in advance


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Hi currycraver,

The aspect of ambiguity sits around the Statutory Framework phrase 'suitable level 6 qualification' (point 3.33). The qualification you have named isn't listed in either the pre or post 2014 qualifications checkers. So, from that point of view I would say that the 1:13 ratio doesn't apply. However, if I were you I would be looking to see what proportion of the qualification was early years as that seems to be the difference between the qualification you have named, and the qualifications that are listed. If there is a large proportion of early years study I would contact the university and ask whether they are advertising this course as being a 'suitable L6 qualification'. If they are, I would be going back to the DfE for further clarification and asking why the qualification was excluded from the list.

Sorry not to have a more definitive answer!

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I fear you may find that unless you have the early years teacher qualification (or similar) that you are not covered 1:13 .I've had this issue previously:onot really fair but do check with your Uni it may be you can add a top qualification to qualify for the higher ratio

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