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Hiya, I’ve been trying out the beta app and I love the fact that you can add multiple ones and they update in the background. I added one yesterday with a couple of videos (don’t often do this due to the size and length of time it took to upload but gave it a trial with the new app). Initially I really liked it but my internet’s not great and so it’s totally eaten all my data whilst I’ve been out this morning and then again on the school run. I wondered if a feature could be added to turn off data usage for uploading in the background? I know you can turn data usage off for the app which I did, but briefly turned back on and back off again when I needed it whilst out. Then I turned it back on again when home and forgot to turn it off when going out on the school run. Not sure whether it’s possible but thought I’d mention it - if not I’ll just turn the data off and use offline when out but it definitely works better with data on. Loving the new features on the app though! So much easier, thank you! Amy

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Thank you for the suggestions Amy

I've replied to your email, but for the benefit of other people who read might this thread (which includes some of my colleagues!):

On the WIFI upload being slower:


To allow background uploads the app now hands off to iOS which decides when and how fast to upload things. In its documentation it says it takes into account the strength of the signal it has, the current battery level, and if the connection has failed recently. It would be very interesting to me, if you are able to check, to see whether the observations immediately finish uploading if you plug your phone in somewhere where it can connect to Wifi, or if even when you do that it keeps going slow once it has started slow?

On making observations with videos WIFI only:


I'm not sure how to do that, but will do some reading to see if I can figure out a way to make it happen. ...

Until then, another way of working around the problem could be, when making an observation with a video when you are out and about, write the observation but instead of clicking 'send', click 'cancel'. You will then be given the choice to keep the observation as a draft on the phone. You could keep them there as drafts until you get somewhere with WiFi and then open them in turn and click send. Not as good as what you are proposing obviously, but may help until we figure something out.

all the best,


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