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  1. We have written this post to provide an explanation of an issue some of you may have recently experienced. Due to a combination of circumstances for about 400 Tapestry accounts, some or all photos and videos added to observations made between May 16th and May 21st were deleted in error. We really apologise if you have been affected by this issue and we can assure you we are working hard on restoring this media. The cause of this was a mistake at our end, no data has been incorrectly shared. We believe that almost all the data is on our backup systems. We are working to recover the data from our backup systems in waves. Some of you may find your missing media has already been restored to your account, but it may take up to a week to return it all. Observations that have been changed since the media was added will not have the photos or videos re-uploaded. This is to avoid duplicating images that have been re-added to observation. It will also prevent the incorrect sharing of images if the observation was approved without the image being present. Once we have finished the restoration we will let you know. If you would then like us to try and restore media to observations that you have edited, please contact us by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info. Updates Wednesday 23 May 16:33. The restore from backups is progressing. About 600 observations still need their media restored. These should be complete by the end of the week. Thursday 24 May 14:30. About 150 observations still need their media restored. These should be complete by the end of tomorrow. We will have lists of observations where the media was not replaced because the observation was subsequently updated. We will restore those bits of media if you ask us to. Tuesday 29 May 16:43. Settings that have had all their media restored will have a banner telling them so. We are preparing the lists of observations that couldn't have their media restored because they had been edited. Wednesday 30 May 16:25. If you log in to the web version of Tapestry you should now see a banner that will tell you if we have not restored some media because the observation was edited or put in journal after the media may have gone missing. We can provide a list of those observations and/or restore the media if you email customer.service@eyfs.info. A technical explanation of what went wrong We have a deletion process that runs in the background, deleting media that it doesn't think is associated with an observation. This can happen when people start to upload an observation but then, for whatever reason, stop the upload before it completes. On Wednesday 16th of May we started to make a background change to our systems in preparation for some new features. Unfortunately, making this change started to use an unusually large amount of memory on our database servers, so we had to stop. This left our system in an inconsistent state, which we did not appreciate would cause a problem. The issue was that in some cases observations were being added without the new change, which the deletion process was now expecting to be present. This meant that, in those cases, the deletion process did not correctly link media with the observation it should be attached to, which meant it treated the media as unassociated with an observation and therefore deleted it. We have records of when the deletions occurred and we have a complete set of backups, so we believe that we should be able to restore almost all the media incorrectly deleted. Unfortunately, restoring from those backups can be a slow process, so it may take us some time to complete. Please do get in touch with us after a week though if any of you notice any photos and/or videos are still missing with the titles of the affected observations and when they were added and we can investigate for you. You can do this by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info.
  2. Old sites can easily be wiped clean, so you should make sure they do that. As long as they do that, it isn't a risk. If it comes with an domain name[1] then you can google for the name and see if anything 'dodgy' is linked to it. If you are getting your own domain name, then that isn't a problem. If it comes with an email address that has been used before, you risk getting more spam than usual, but that will just be annoying. Nowadays, all email addresses get sent dodgy spam, and the only question is whether your email software's junk mail filtering is good enough to remove the offensive stuff before you see it. If it were me, my questions would be: Is the person competent enough to avoid doing something that will leave the site open to spam or hacking? Are they trustworthy enough to avoid doing something dodgy with the site? Are they motivated enough to maintain it? What will you do when they stop being motivated? It is old, un-maintaned sites that tend to get hacked and used for dodgy purposes. If the person stops being interested, but you don't have the power to take over or shut down the site, then that is when you are most likely to end up with something dodgy associated with your setting. Hope that helps Tom [1] A domain name is something like 'tapestryjournal.com' or 'eyfs.info'.
  3. Hello You can't take a photo or video from within the Tapestry app when in a "Child Profile". Is that what you are experiencing? We've been in touch with Amazon about this in the past and they say they won't fix this, because they don't think apps that run in Child Profiles should be allowed to take photos. So, if you want to take photos etc from the Tapestry app, then it needs to be run under an adult profile. However, you can enable parental controls on that adult profile to disable whatever functions you think are not appropriate. Separately, the Tapestry app has its own login / PIN code / user switching system. So you don't need separate adult profiles for each member of staff for the Tapestry app. Obviously, you may wish to have separate adult profiles for each member of staff for other reasons. In that case, though, Amazon do want you to register individually. Best wishes Tom
  4. blurring faces

    Hello We've been looking at it a lot: We can't work out a way to automate blurring that we feel would be reliable enough to be ok from a safeguarding perspective. That means that staff would need to edit each picture manually using a picture editor to erase whatever needs hiding. That erasing can already be done in almost any picture editor. We are also looking at extending the simple picture editor in the Tapestry web version (the one that allows you to rotate and crop images) to also allow you to manually erase bits of the picture. All the best Tom
  5. The GDPR compliant Tapestry terms and conditions are available from https://tapestry.info/draft-contract and, if you have a Tapestry account, through the Control Panel that is visible to users who have 'manager' status.
  6. We've been testing on generation 5. I haven't heard of any trouble with generation 6. In theory generation 7 is running the same operating system so we don't forsee a problem. But can't guarantee that. We've had some problems with using the children's profiles on the Amazon tablets, but in the adult profile everything has been fine. We had a major problem where Amazon had a fault where the Tapestry app couldn't be downloaded from their store for a while, and found them to be very slow to respond. But that was some time ago now. We'll test towards the end of next week I should think. Best wishes Tom
  7. We don't know of any reason why not, but we've haven't tested it yet. Just ordering one so we can check for sure. Best wishes Tom
  8. As soon as possible! But also, whenever you can: I know nursery life is busy. I'm working on the feedback I already have and should have a new version out in a week or so. Ideally I would like to release the app to everybody early in August. Best wishes Tom
  9. Hi Carol, I've sent you an email to try and figure out what is causing this bug. Best wishes, Tom
  10. Hi Cherly_Herrick You can try it on just one iPad. Unfortunately you can't have both the old and the new app on the same iPad at the same time. However, you can delete the new app at any time, and reinstall the old app from the app store, and then, later, if you like re-install the new app. Best wishes Tom
  11. Does nothing happen when you type in a password on the login page on the Tapestry App when using a Hudl 1? There is an intermittent fault on the Hudl 1 Android devices that means you sometimes cannot enter your password in the password field. The keyboard is open, and you can type, but nothing appears in the password field (you would normally see the letter you typed briefly, before it is replaced with a *). What should you do? If it happens, a workaround is to: Quit the app (press the app switching key marked with two rectangles at the bottom of the screen; swipe left over the tapestry icon; press the home key marked with a pentagon that looks a bit like a house at the bottom of the screen). Open the app again Click on the email field and enter your email. This is the important bit: do not immediately press on the email field. Instead click somewhere low down the screen (e.g., on the message starting Version ...). This will cause the keyboard to disappear. Wait for the keyboard to finish disappearing. Once the keyboard has disappeared, click on the password field and enter your password. Click login We are sorry that this is a bit of a hassle, and a bit hit and miss. How can you tell if you have a Hudl that suffers from the problem? You can tell if you have a Hudl 1 if, at the bottom of the Tapestry app login screen, there is a message that ends with “Hudl HT7S3-17”. If you are experiencing this bug, but the message says something different, please email us at customer.service@eyfs.info and let us know the full contents of the message and what you are experiencing. Are you working on fixing the problem? We are working on it, but we haven’t yet found the root cause of the problem, so can’t give any estimate of when it will be fixed. We are hampered by the fact that the fault is occurring in the Android operating system (though, no doubt, triggered by something our app does) and the version of the Android operating system that the Hudl 1 runs is no longer supported by Google so we are finding it difficult to get to the bottom of what is going on. So what, exactly, is the fault? It seems that sometimes, the keyboard that you see on the screen gets disconnected from the app (it is software, but it is as if the cable connecting the keyboard was pulled out). We can see the disconnect message in the logs, but not what has caused the disconnect. Our suspicion is that when you move from the email to the password field, Android tries to disconnect the keyboard from the email field, but doesn’t manage to complete it before it tries to connect the keyboard to the password field, and gets in a tangle. We think the workaround works, because it gives the Hudl time to disconnect the keyboard fully from the email field, before attempting to connect it to the password field.
  12. It is unavailable, for everyone. We are sorry about that. We think it started yesterday. We are trying to get in touch with Amazon to work out why and how to fix whatever has caused it to be unavailable. If you open this direct link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017O36ZZE/ref=mas_pm_app_nameon your tablet, it may work. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing. Tom PS If you have already downloaded the app it should keep working.
  13. The largest video that Tapestry can cope with is 100 MB. Your videos might be longer than that if they are long, high resolution, or in a file format that doesn't compress very well. Our system will cope with videos in lots of formats, resolutions, and lengths. But for best results, please keep videos less than 1 minute long, at a resolution of 640 x 640 or less, in mp4. If you try and upload a video that is bigger than 100 MB you will see an error. Tapestry might say "Video too large", "Video too long" or something more obscure like "File Size Error". To be able to upload the video, you need to make it lower resolution, shorter and make sure it is in a good format. There are lots of ways of doing that. Below are some tips, depending on what sort of device you are on. iPad / iPhone If you use the Tapestry app, rather than the Safari browser, it will automatically turn your video into something of the right format and right resolution before uploading. So, if you have been trying to upload using Safari on an iPad or an iPhone, the quickest and easiest thing to do is to try again using the app. If it still says the video is too large, then you need 'trim it' to make it shorter. You can do this using the built in Photos app. Some instructions are here: http://www.imore.com/how-trim-video-your-iphone-or-ipad Once you have trimmed the video, try uploading again. Mac If you are on a Mac, then you can shorten and change the resolution of a video using the built in Photos program. Some instructions for shortening a video in the Photos program are here: http://www.imore.com/how-edit-videos-photos-os-x Once you have shortened your video, that may be enough to make the upload work. If it isn't, then you may need to reduce its resolution and change its format. To do that: Open the Photos application Find the video in Photos, Click on it so that it has a blue ring around it, Go to the 'File' menu, then 'Export', then 'Export 1 video...' then change the 'Movie Quality' to '480p' then 'Export' to save it in a location you can find again, then upload that exported version. Android / Kindle Fire TBD. In the mean time, this: http://www.dummies.com/consumer-electronics/tablets/android-tablets/how-to-trim-a-video-on-your-android-tablet/may describe how to shorten a video on some Android devices. PC On a Windows PC, you can download this free tool to compress the video. Click "Open", select your video file and click "Open". If you want to trim the video, you can tick the "Cutting" box and enter the start and end time (hh:mm:ss) that you want to keep. Use "Desired Video Size" to choose the approximate size of the resulting file. Tapestry needs your file to be under 100MB. Click "Compress". Choose where you want to save your video and click "Save". When it asks "Do you want to start video compression?" click "Yes". The tool will compress the video and then show you a message telling you that it has finished and what the size of the resulting file is. Click "OK". You can now close the program or click "Open" to start the process again with another video. Go back to Main Tutorials Page
  14. Uploading large videos

    Unfortunately 15 minutes of video is unlikely to be under our 100MB limit, however well it is compressed. You can split it into a series of short chunks, though this may be more hassle than it is worth to you.
  15. Blurry photos

    Hello When images are uploaded to Tapestry they are re-sized to 1024 x 768. So, depending on their original format they may become a little blurry. If they are taken from within the Tapestry app they are taken at 1024 x 768, so no resizing happens. Best wishes Tom
  16. Tapestry not working?

    Good news! Did you change anything, or did it just happen?
  17. Tapestry not working?

    Ok. Thank you. https://eyps.netin particular, is identical to https://tapestryjournal.com in almost every way, so that does imply that the site is being blocked for some reason, rather than there being a poor connection or some sort of incompatability. If I hear from TalkTalk or think of something else, I will post here. If you hear from them, or the problem goes away, would you mind posting?
  18. Tapestry not working?

    Thank you. That tells me there is no general connection problem in connecting to the data centre where we host Tapestry, but instead something specific to do with accessing our site. If you wouldn't mind, could you tell me whether you can see these two sites, or get the same error: 1. https://eyps.net 2. https://invoices.tapestryjournal.com (you won't be able to do anything with either, just interested in whether you can see them at all). Tom
  19. Tapestry not working?

    Nothing from them yet. Could you open this page: http://ec2-reachability.amazonaws.com And tell me if you see a green tick in every row in the "Ireland" column? Best wishes Tom
  20. Tapestry not working?

    Hello JJA / Heather1234 Do you use TalkTalk's SuperSafeBoost service? In which case https://help2.talktalk.co.uk/supersafe-boost-troubleshootinghas instructions for how to allow https://tapestryjournal.com Or, do you use their HomeSafe service? In which case https://help2.talktalk.co.uk/homesafe-how-do-i-block-or-allow-specific-websiteshas instructions on how to allow the site. I've also just sent TalkTalk an email to enquire what is happening. Best wishes Tom
  21. Tapestry not working?

    JJA could you try the connection test at https://tapestry.info/test.htmland tell me what it reports?
  22. Tapestry not working?

    Hello Might be worth a quick try of our connection test: https://tapestry.info/test.htmlto see what it reports. We have 3200 people online on the updated version at the moment and we are seeing a happy stream of observations come in, so I don't think there is a general problem. Best wishes Tom
  23. Tapestry not working?

    Hello Everything is working fine at the moment as far as we can tell. Is it just Tapestry that you are finding slow? Best wishes Tom
  24. Video upload

    Hello If you have a mac, then you probably have the Photos app. Using that you can: 1. Trim the video to show just the important bit: http://www.imore.com/how-edit-videos-photos-os-x 2. Export at a lower resolution (720p is plenty): With the video showing in Photos, use the File menu, then Export, then Export 1 video ..., then choose 720p for the movie quality. Together, those things should get your video small enough. Tom
  25. Uploading media

    Hi Orchardseaton I'm the developer Rebecca was referring to. Sorry the app isn't working right. I've sent you an email to start the process of figuring out what has gone wrong. Best wishes Tom