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We would love to be able to edit our summative assessments in the group view page, rather than just in the individual child page. Sometimes we find it useful to assess all children in a group on one aspect, rather than one child on all aspects.

Apologies if this is already possible - we can't seem to do it!

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Hi DLK1974!

Thank you for your query, I am sure many other users wonder the same thing too!

I am afraid that it is not possible to override values from the group view. We generally recommend reviewing your children's summative assessment scores on the group view, just because not only will help with spotting gaps, but also with identifying which figures you don't agree with in a much quicker way. Once you have determined which assessments are not correct, you can open a second tab on your computer and navigate to the individual summative assessment screen. 

By having the group view and the individual view open side by side, you can easily review the data on the group view, and amend it almost simultaneously from the individual view by filtering by the corresponding child. 

I hope this was helpful, but do let us know if you have any further queries!

Best wishes,


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This is a good idea DKL, the ‘age band’ tracker is very useful for moderating a cohort, we print off each aspect and sit down with all key workers and make sure the chn are where they should be in relation to each other (sometimes a key person is tougher than another, so the for example the child we know is top of the group for numbers might not come out there on the AB tracker as they have a tight KP lol) we end up with arrows shifting chn up or down if necessary and then the next time the KP does the end of term ob/assessment they correct it to reflect any change....it’s a great way for staff to work together and they say they find it valuable....or they might just be humouring me ;-) 

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