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Hello all,

I am just looking to compare notes really.  I'm wondering about funding - we have a child who is looking like she needs a higher level of adult support (not safe for herself and other children frequent biting, running, screaming etc)  Although we have put things in place and everyone is consistent it is not fully meeting her needs.  We have applied for funding and will need to go down the 1 :1 route.  This is causing me a bit of a headache with staffing, ratios number etc as the funding is temporary. I haven't really got anyone spare so will need to recruit yet the funding is only for 6mths at a time!   She is also 30 hrs.

Has anyone had this situation or similar? 

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Hi Glitterstar, with our Sen funding we now have 3 bands to make a case for access funding via, each band gives a different amount of funding per term rather than the X amount of hours we used to be awarded.(I’m not sure if that’s our county or a national thing?) But if you already have the child 30hrs there will be a lot of hours not covered, have you thought about going down the apprentice route,  not for the inclusion support rather to free staff who are experienced with Sen and your current child’s needs, it could make better financial sense for you and cut out the worry of not knowing how long you might be able to employ someone for.

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I was reading a thread on FB this week discussing the 1-2-1 funding issues etc.  

One thing that came out was the fact that the funding actually means you can just lower your ratio (say to - 1-3/4 on a group of 3 years olds) which  still enables you work more closely with the 1-2-1 child but within  a small group which is actually promoting full inclusion. 



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