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GDPR deleting childrens information.

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When deleting a child's information/folder it says it takes 90 days to completely be deleted from the system. Is that not a data protection issue as the child has left but their information is still on the system. Is there a way to cut down the 90 days or just delete it there and then?

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As your parents will have to sign up for tapestry then surely you would just add this to their agreement? so wording to the effect of in order to protect your childs information we keep their account open for 90 days after they leave the setting . Then get them to sign for this??

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The data does need to be deleted without 'undue delay', but the GDPR doesn't give a precise time frame on it. 

I think as Finleysmaid says, you should inform them that the profile will stay on Tapestry for 90 days, allbeit in an inactive state (so no processing other than storing it will occur), and then a further 90 days in our back ups.

We have a 90 day period so that people who accidentally delete a profile or do it on purpose but then realise they need to get it back can do so, but if you or the parent decide you would like to delete a profile fully sooner, you're welcome to get in touch with us. As long as you are a manager on the account we will be happy to speed up the process and skip the 90 day period in which they're still on your account. 

Best wishes,

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