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Name Tags Under GDPR


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Hi everyone


First time poster and I appreciate any advice given. Currently we have all of our staff members wearing name badges, this is obviously beneficial for our setting and we have found it to help new parent's remember names etc.


The issue I think we have is there may be too much information on the badges, currently for example the badges will read as follows:


John Smith

NVQ Level 3 

Nursery Nurse

Nursery/Setting Name


Is this too much information or does it fall under the fact that the data is in a controlled environment? i.e inside the nursery. They also obviously have the full name on their badge, is this acceptable or must it only be a single name? I also don't believe a qualification is a data point but please correct me if I'm wrong.


Just FYI they do take the name badges home with them even though we have supplied them if that makes any difference.


Thank you for any help/opinions


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We do the same at our nursery - I don't think you have a problem. If it were me, I would say to staff that if they want to leave their badges at work when they go home I will safely lock them away. However, if they want to take them home, that is their choice, and they are responsible for their data once it leaves the building. I would agree with you too that your building is a controlled environment and only those who have a legitimate reason to be in there and see your staff with their badges should have access - and you, as the data controller have the responsibility to ensure that happens.

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Hi Rebecca, 


Thanks for the comment and glad we agreed on my conclusion.


Just another quick one, where do we stand in regards to an organisational structure chart in your opinion?

Our setting is rather large so we have an organisational chart in reception which has our Management team and room leaders nicely laid out, this has their picture next to their name and their position. Under GDPR I'm fairly certain this isn't allowed as obviously the picture and the name are two data points.

This is also in reception which is accessible to all general public not just people inside the nursery as we have a two way entry system if that makes sense.

Would this all be okay as long as we get staff to sign a form stating they know their image/name may be together in certain areas for example, organisational structure, name badges, advertising etc.


Thanks once again

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We were told on a recent course that you should give staff the option of not having their photo - seemed a bit daft to me - we don't put surnames on as I don't see the need but if a member of staff decided they didn't want their photo they would have an alternative image.

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Yeah, you will be allowed to do that, but you'll just need to have a lawful basis for doing so! I think consent is probably the best one in this case, so you just need to make sure the staff know that you're intending to put that up and that they have said it's okay. If they're uncomfortable with it or change their minds, you will need to take it down though.

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