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Are there any plans to include the EYFSP assessment in Tapestry.  This half term I am looking at the ELG statements in preparation so a lot of my assessments are based on the ELG emerging, developing,secure options. It would be extremely helpful if these were emerging, expected, exceeding to link with what we have to do anyway.  If this could feed into the EYFSP transfer section it would save so much time as this has to be done separately currently.

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Hi bry1973!

You can actually complete your EYFSP reports directly from Tapestry. To do so, please go to tracking and then EYFS - the EYFSP section will show at the very bottom of the options.

Please note that Tapestry will only generate the report if there is data for the very last assessment period for the cohort finishing Reception this year. This is, if your last assessment period has not started yet, the report will not be populated.

This tutorial here explains in a very detailed manner where you can find the feature, and how to use it, for your EYFSP submission.

If you have any further doubts or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on customer.service@eyfs.info

Best wishes,



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Yes I know this but would like the data generated form the assessments I make as part of observations to be linked rather than having to do them separately. It just seems a bit daft to be assessing as part of observations and then having to do a separate one to send in to county.  Arethere any plans to link them?

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Hi bry1973,

I'm so very sorry it has taken me this long to get back to you! 

Oh - I'm with you now!

Although you are correct in saying the ELGs are marked as emerging, expected and exceeding for the purposes of the EYFSP, to sit well with the assessments of emerging, developing and secure for all of the previous age-bands, we decided to keep the terminology consistent.

However, if you mark the ELG as either emerging or developing, Tapestry translates these judgements to a '1', ie emerging, for the pusposes of the EYFSP.

An ELG Tapestry judgement registered as 'secure' is translated to the EYFSP as a '2- expected'; ie the child has achieved the goal, and is therefore at expected.

A Tapestry ELG judgement of ELG+ is translated into 'exceeding' for your FSP, ie a '3'.

So, although the terminology does not change from the age-band assessments in Tapestry to the ELG assessments (ie they all use emerging, developing and secure), the numbers that appear on your FSP will be the appropriate ones correctly attached to emerging (1), expected (2) and exceeding (3) as described above.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,


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