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There is detailed information about the moderation process in the EYFSP Handbook . Interim judgements are your judgements at the time of your moderation visit. They are not your predictions or aspiration for the child - you just need to ask yourself, if I had to submit their EYFSP today what would they be for every ELG: emerging (1) expected (2) or exceeding (3).

I suggest to our schools that they create a simple grid with the ELGs numbered 1-17 across the top and the names of the children down the side, then complete with your interim 1,2,or 3 outcomes. The moderator/s will then be able to scan the grid and select the children they want to discuss with you across the 17 ELGs. Your final judgements will be the ones you have QA'd and had signed off in the setting/school and then submit to your LA by the deadline they will give you.

Happy to answer any more questions.

Cx (EYFS ninja but Moderation Manager by day!!)

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Thank you for that Catma, that is what I thought and is what we did when we were last moderated. However the moderators kept asking for predictions for the end of the year and not for April! I will print out your info EYFS ninja! ;)


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Hi -  predictions are a completely different thing. How can you discuss predictions when you have no evidence to suggest you will be right or wrong about them?

Moderation is about the evidence you actually have re a child's attainment. Interim judgements by defiition means between now and submission I think!

That's how I do it anyway!!


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