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Hi there, 

We are a preschool in Stotfold Central Bedfordshire, we have 100 preschool children and a further 200 wrap around children on our records.

I'm new to Tapestry and am starting to get to grips with all the functions. Can anyone help? Can you link to settings together for a child if they attend two?



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Hello! Welcome to the forum!  :) Is Pippin the name of your setting, if it is, would you like me to make it a little more anonymous for you?

I'm going to move your post into the Tapestry area where you will find lots of other Weavers asking and answering questions about how Tapestry works for them in their setting. It is possible for a child to attend two Tapestry settings and for those settings to work together:

To explain: Each Tapestry account has its own database for security reasons. This means that settings cannot share a child’s profile as it cannot exist simultaneously in two Tapestry accounts, with changes being made by one setting appearing in the profile owned by the second setting. However, there are a couple of options of how you can proceed.

Option 1: Staff at setting 1 could be added to the profile on setting 2 as relatives. Both settings would then be able to comment on the same journal and would be able to see what they have each added (provided all posts are published).

The drawback here is that assessments on observations can only be seen by relatives if the setting has set their account up so that all parents can view all of a particular framework’s assessments. It is not possible to select which relatives can see assessment details and which cannot. They would also not be able to access the snapshots/analysis sections regardless of the permissions you have set. In addition to this, relatives cannot add assessments to observations so only the second setting could only make observation with media and notes.

Option 2:  Staff at one setting could be added to the other package as full staff members. In this case, both would have full access to that child's data. You would need to ensure that the staff being set up have got the shared child assigned to them as their only key child, and that the permissions on the Tapestry account make it so those staff members can only see key children. This will prevent them from seeing the data for other children.

One of the main drawbacks to option 2 is that the analysis data will be limited for the setting set up as a staff member on the other package. This means they will still need to compare attainment/progress data manually with the cohort in their own setting.

Furthermore, if the child is in group photos the second setting key person will see the other children in the photos. You would need to think about whether this is a problem and if you can get permission for this or a way to work around it.

Option 3: Have your own profiles for the child then export the learning journal and/or snapshots at the end of a set period and share this with the other setting and vice versa.

The main drawback of this is that the observations for the child won’t all be in one place so the relatives will need separate logins for each setting and you won’t be able to see what the child has been doing at their other setting on a day to day basis.

I hope this was helpful, but do let us know if you have any doubts or queries about this!

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On 15/03/2018 at 10:42, Rebecca said:

if the child is in group photos the second setting key person will see the other children in the photos. You would need to think about whether this is a problem and if you can get permission for this or a way to work around it.

I’m pleased you pointed this out Rebecca, I often ask how people are sharing a child’s journal with a shared setting by adding the key person as a relative or however it’s been set up and the answer is always “we’ve asked the child’s parent” and the point of ‘what about all the other children in your setting that might be in a group photo shared with a 3rd party, or the children in group photos from the other setting that you now access to’ seems to be overlooked.

The only way I can see around this is to ask all parents in your setting to agree to the possibility of their child’s photo appearing in one of your other children’s journals that might be shared with another setting, unless they blur group photos ....which I really don’t like.

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