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I would like to suggest the option of hiding when a grading has been manually defined in the tracking.

The option of manually defining is really useful but I think it looks messy to see the little icons showing that you've changed it.

I have had a little look at the settings and it doesn't appear that you can - but if I am wrong please correct me!


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Hi Laura, 

Welcome to the forum! I hope you're managing to find your way around okay!

I'm afraid it's not something you can hide. We're a bit concerned that removing it would cause some confusion, especially if the person looking at it didn't agree with the score they were seeing. Without knowing whether the score was an overridden one or not, they wouldn't know if they had accidentally changed it or if a colleague had changed it, perhaps for good reason. It might also cause people to think that the average Tapestry is calculating is wrong, which might make them feel the need to go back and check every other score too, thus causing unnecessary stress and work.

Saying that, if there are other people reading this who would also like to be able to hide the manually defined pencil please do let us know! We do develop Tapestry based on the suggestions of users, so if we hear the same thing from a few people we'll definitely look into whether it would be possible to add it in! 

Best wishes,

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