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ICO guidance: Taking photos in schools


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The ICO has issued guidance for schools and settings to consider when photos are being taken in school. This will be useful to have in mind when providers are preparing themselves for the GDPR that comes into effect at the end of May. You can read the advice here.

The recommended good practice is as follows:

"The DPA (Data Protection Act) is unlikely to apply in many cases where photographs are taken in schools and other educational institutions. Fear of breaching the provisions of the DPA should not be wrongly used to stop people taking photographs or videos which provide many with much pleasure. 
 Where the DPA does apply, a common sense approach suggests that if the photographer asks for permission to take a photograph, this will usually be enough to ensure compliance.
  • Photos taken for official school use may be covered by the DPA and pupils and students should be advised why they are being taken. 
  • Photos taken purely for personal use are exempt from the DPA."
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