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Using a Shared Set of ‘Visions and Values’ to Create High Quality Outdoor Provision in the Early Years

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This thread, by member ParkerD, is in conjunction with her book review found here.

"Creating high quality outdoor provision in the early years is something every setting strives for. However, beliefs about what is needed to create high quality outdoor provision, in terms of resources and the adult role can vary greatly depending upon the setting. I wonder, if there is  a need for a shared set of values which could be used as a starting point by all early years settings when developing their outdoor provision?  

In 2004, a set of shared ‘Visions and Values’ for outdoor play were developed by a team of early years experts and Learning through Landscapes, the UK’s only charity specialising in outdoor learning and play in education (Vision & Values Partnership 2004).

 These Visions and Values formed part of the Early Years Foundation Stage guidance published in DCSF 2008.

Does your setting use this shared set of values? Did you know they existed?" 

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I started our setting in 2005 and read anything I could find about outdoor learning for young children at the time, which included publications by Learning through Landscapes, probably including this one.

I share these values,  apart from that the indoors and outdoors "should be available simultaneously and be experienced in a joined-up way". I don't think that is important and would be impractical for us.

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At Gill Jones' recent talk at the Nursery World show, she was very clear on not providing the same things outside as inside- you don't need to have duplicate activities! Outside can offer very different experiences, and should, I think. :)

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