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Mixed ability groups for phonics and number skills?


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Hi all!

I recently read an article which discussed the problems with ability grouping for any area learning - with the main point being that it actually widens the gap!

I have always been an advocate of mixed ability grouping and have seen many benefits of the children support each other's learning in a way that couldn't be achieved if they were ability grouped. However, I have always been lead to believe that ability groupings are necessary for phonics and fine-motor/gross motor development (and for some number work) with the justification being that each group need very specific teaching and different learning outcomes. I am now wondering whether to ditch these groupings and try mixed ability groupings for all teacher-led activities. I'm in Nursery so these are only 5-10 minutes anyway! 

I found the article very interesting as I had been having a discussion with the Reception TA about the children doing better in Read Write Inc as they had been kept together as a class, as opposed to split up into smaller ability groups.

What are your thoughts?

Green Hippo x

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