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Is anyone able to help me please. 


I am trying to check a couple of qualifications on the gov.uk qualification checker and I cannot make any sense of the pre sept 14 list and there are no level 2  qualifications mentioned on the post september 2014 list.  Is it just me???   Is there somewhere else I can look?


Many thanks

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The qualifications checker is a little fiddly but all the details are there!

So, this is the site: qualifications checker

If you are looking for post 2014 L2s you need to look at Qualifications started after 1 September 2014, Level 2. Then, in that paragraph you will see Ofqual-approved and included, beside that sentence is a checker which takes you to an Ofqual site.

When you are on the Ofqual site you see "Welcome to the Register of Regulated Qualifications" and you can 'Search the Register'. In the first search box type something from the qualification you are looking for e.g 'child care' or 'early years' - then a long list of relevant qualifications appear at all the diiferent levels and from all the different awarding bodies. 

Hope that helps :)

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Another member has posed a qualifications query:

"I have a new member of staff who embarked upon a foundation degree (arts) in Children's and Young People's Services and got to, and successfully passed, Level 4, at Derby University, before personal circumstances changed and she wasn't able to continue to finish her degree.  She has a letter stating that she has passed the Certificate of Higher Education in Children's and Young People's Services (Early Years), dated September 2011."

So, I have used the qualifications checker (link in my first post on this thread), I have then looked for qualifications pre-2014, this opens a spreadsheet. I have then looked for the qualification (see below) and seen that there are conditions attached to its validityqualifications checker.png

So the qualification is only full and relevant if there was an element of 'assessed performance' involved. You'll need to ask your member of staff about that. 

Hope that helps :)

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anybody could tell me if the following qualifications meets the criteria to work in a Nursery?  I've tried looking for it, but can't find it for love nor money!!!

ORC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Health, Social Care and Early Years.


Many Thanks

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8 hours ago, Rebecca said:

Hello NickyR,

I think you were struggling because it's OCR, not ORC. It's not full and relevant. You'll find it on the Qualifications list Pre Sept 2014Qualifications.png

Hope that helps

Rebecca :)

What a wally......I looked through that list so many times, no wonder I couldn't see it!!!!!  Thanks Rebecca, I appreciate you helping me out. 

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