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adding multiple observations to group view


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Hi there, 

Please would you tell me if there is a way to add summative assessments to each child in group view page.  For example, if I wanted to add summative assessments for the class in a single area of learning, i.e. Numbers, followed by Shape, would I be able to do this, or do I have to go into each child individually?


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Hi Pineapple99,

Congratulations on your first post on the FSF! 

You can only manually override assessments on the individual child view page for summative assessments. You can however view which assessments have been manually overridden/defined on the group view page as they will appear with a small 'pencil icon' next to the age band. If you then click on the assessment, it will also show you if there are any contributing observations towards that particular assessment. 

More information about the Summative Assessment screens can also be found at this tutorial

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