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A couple of requests, ideas, thoughts ....

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1- We use the ‘What to expect when’ document with new parents to assess and form a baseline (I think lots of other providers do too),   are there any plans (or could there be) to add this as another type assessment tool ?

2-  I really like the new development matters assessment on the tracking page,  but as we’ve stopped ‘ticking’ statements when we do observations it, like many of the analysis features tell me nothing so I am now thinking about going back to using the statements, my question is would it be possible to somehow show which statements have already been ‘ticked’, either by greying out or having a number against them when doing an ob ? (I know this would only be possible for individual obs but that would be ok).

many thanks for thinking about and implementing some of the things we throw at you all 9_9 

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I'm afraid we at Tapestry are fundamentally against using the Development Matters statements as a ticklist, and really don't want to promote the use of them as such. It says on every page of the document not to use them as a ticklist and we very much want to support a better way of assessing children's learning. Nancy Stewart, the author of Development Matters, has written a superb article for us on this matter and you can read it here. So, we won't be promoting the ticklist approach by showing on the obs screen which statements have been ticked, and which haven't. Rebecca, our FSF editor has written useful articles on how to effectively assess children and they are well worth a read here and here.

In terms of adding the 'What to expect' criteria- thank you for the suggestion Mouseketeer; we'll give that some more thought. Does anyone else use this when assessing children?

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