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Hi all,

Some fantastic information and advice on here so thought I would share a question I have. I am in my second year teaching EYFS (Reception) as I was previously in year 1 and 2. Recently subject leaders are wanting to see planning for different subjects e.g. science, history and geography etc. I obviously don't have these as they are different but I am aware some areas do link in to the National Curriculum. I was told by someone who was formally a Reception class teacher that I should be teaching 'Science' as 'knowledge and understanding the world- the world' every week as all EYFS areas are as important as one another and there should be some focused adult led teaching for every area, every week. Now- this seems like a lot. Is this the norm? I do have enhanced provision set up to meet all areas of the EYFS curriculum, with an objective we will cover for each area I have set up but she said this is not enough as it is too 'airy fairy'.

I am starting to use objective led planning but even having an objective to cover for all children within every area seems like I would be just constantly chasing my tail.

Could someone let me know how you manage this and what it this norm?

Thank you!

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