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Hi all.

I'm hoping someone on here has a bright idea for a simple story that looks at the issue of poverty and use of Food Banks if possible...

We are collecting for the FoodBank's 'Reverse Advent Calendar' next month and I wanted to give the children (preschool) a basic understanding of where their food would be going and why.

I've found a couple of American ones but they aren't shipping over here yet.

Thanks in advance!!!

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I think I might be inclined to make my own - making up a story of the average family and the reasons why they may find themselves in need of using a food bank, or a refugee family maybe. Take some photographs of where the food bank is and some local landmarks on the way they may recognise, and, if they will, after you have explained why, ask staff to take some photographs of the inside of the food bank while nobody is there, that type of thing. Do it like a social story which you would for a child with additional needs.

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