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New job

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Hello Everyone


I have been offered a job as a Pre-school Manager within a committee run setting.


Still not 100% sure on who has what responsibilities.


I am having a 2 week handover period with the current manager and would like some advice on what I should aim to achieve by the end of the handover.


Plus, what I can do to establish myself as the new manager, feedback for changes, setting an action plan etc


Do I need to review job descriptions? Policies? Shall I observe staff and give feedback?


No idea where to start!

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as a new manager I would take some time


looking at the statutory requirements - are these being covered - if not you need to make an action plan to make sure they will be - you need to discuss this with your committee as it is as much their responsibility as yours on this.

looking at the last ofsted and action points - have they been completed-if not you will need to work on those

check policies and procedures are up to date but will be hard to change them until you know how the setting runs.

observing staff, practice and the way the setting runs

talk to PLSA worker if you belong as she will be aware of any problems/issues you may need to know about -will be able to advise you how to go forward.

I wouldn't change too much too soon as you need to get to know the staff, setting etc and what works/doesn't work - use staff meetings as first point to discuss what you/they think works/doesn't work -why and how it can be improve.

Unless something is really bad I would take it slowly to implement changes as too many changes too quickly might unsettle staff and setting.

Write yourself an action plan about things

1 - have to be done NOW

2- have to be done but can wait a while-give a realistic date to do this by

3 - have to be done eventually -again give realistic date to complete


Give a copy of this list to your committee so they realise what is needed to be done and when by and also they need to support you with these actions. They also need to realise they also have responsibilities re the running of the group and would be spoken to if Ofsted come.

Hope that helps.

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