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Users have 30 days to click on the activation link for their account. I'm afraid it's not possible to extend that though - if they miss that then you will have to resend the link.

If they're away, or you're relatively sure they won't get to the link in time, you could also manually set them a password to something of your choosing and then tell them what it is. That won't ever expire so they can just change it from within their account whenever they get chance to log in.

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Hi Rukaiya,

Welcome to the forum!

When you go through the process of adding relatives to your account, you will be asked how you want to activate their accounts:

1) By sending them an activation email;

2) by generating an activation link;

3) by assigning them with a random password and manually activating their account.

We recommend you go with option number one, which will trigger an automatic activation email that will be sent to the email address you have set them up with. Relatives will then have 30 days to follow up the link within the activation email in order to create a password of their choice and activate their account. 

The most important thing is to let your relatives know that you have send them an activation email, which might have ended up in their spam/junk folder. Once their account is active, they can download the free app directly from their devices' app store. 

Please note that relatives will only be able to see their children's journal once they have been linked to them.

Tutorials 45-53 in our tutorial contents page here guide you through the process of adding relatives! 

If you have any further queries, please contact us on customer.service@eyfs.info

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