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I have just been packing my car ready for school tomorrow :o and wondered if anyone other than an early years teacher would have the same contents


pair of boots size 13 xD

6 gold eggs (chocolate)

beans (broad and runner)


carrot seeds

pea seeds

seed potatoes

2 brooms (ELC)

2 mops (cut down to child size)

4 spades

1 rake

playdough set flowers

chunky chalks

fairytale characters

spaghetti (for Suzy)

food colouring (assorted)

6 painting aprons (newly washed)

assorted story books (amazon)

raised garden bed (modular- organic gardening catalogue)

bottletop watering lids

coloured bowls (drilled to hang up as musical instruments)

lengths of pipe (likewise)

and a dustpan and brush (requested by school cleaner)



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I have a big box with

different sized paint brushes,


felt pens,

paper plates,

bubble wrap,

various books (childrens stories and reference for me),

two boxes with lids (small wooden one and larger cardboard one for guessing games etc)

stuffed elephant and chicken,

two spray bottles,

bag with chick peas and rice in and some tweezers

clothes pegs


food colourings and essences

stickers and gold stars


5 little ducks

I also have a wish list :D

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Yes, I too have loads in the back of my car and unfortunately it doesn't end there - my house is creaking under the plastic boxes and as for my attic - well there's another thing I have xx topic boxes of chinese new year, under the sea, chirstmas, etc etc. Gosh, do you think if I left early years I could be a tidy and minimalistic..... maybe.... wouldn't that be nice but what would I try and collect then...


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Mine is all in bags lining the hall and I too wonder if I gave it all up would I have an empty, tidy house. Wouldn't it be boring!


I'd love to see an early years person on that re-organise your life programme, bet there wouldn't be a lot for the shredder.


How many people can get as excited as us about an old box or a bit of ribbon.


My friend came back from Italy with some multi coloured pasta as a present for me and my first thought was WOW my kids would love that! Not what she intended I think.

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Yes I am exactly the same pre-school stuff is everywhere. There isn't a room in the house that doesn't have things hidden away.

The worst thing is when it overspills into my handbag and it accidentally falls out when I pay for my shopping or when I am looking for my car keys. When ever we go shopping or on holiday I am always diving off to look at something for the children. In fact as I get older I get even more enthuisiastic. I can't imagine throwing it all away when I retire though, :o not all at once anyway, I shall have to do it gradually. xD

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My husband had a huge sigh of relief today when I eventually took in the 35 sturdy empty boxes from cat food and soap powder that we are going to cover and use as large building bricks! they have been all over the house for the last 3 months!! :o


Now just going to send him in the loft for the black material for the cave (mountains of it) and the old fur coat for the bear and........ :D


he has become resigned to the hoarding and shopping for the children....he even now says 'the children would would like that'



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My husband also asks " Does anyone else collect this much RUBBISH and keep it in their home. " - RUBBISH is his word for important educational resources. I am going to show him this thread and show him I am not the only bag lady working in early years. :D

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My whole family despair of me-especially when I'm saying "Wash the milk bottle tops-I need them". My husband fears throwing anything away.

They also think I am very sad when I get excited over something new for pre-school which they find totally dull. I have just bought a new laminator which does things up to A2 in size. My old one was only A4. So now I have so many things I want to do and I am really excited about it!! :o


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I often wonder on how many homes are full of 'useful items' as no one will throw away anything 'vaguely useful' in early years.


such a relief to know i am not the only one who gets excited at new 'toys' and creating toys from items others thought rubbish.


we currently have an apprentice working with us who at 19 is starting the habit of keeping everything and confessed to waking in her sleep with an idea for the next day for the children. Her dad is just learning to 'go with the flow'!!



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Lucky you Linda. I think I would be so excited as well. Our husbands, partners are very lucky to have us because we so easily satisfied.

My staff are exactly the same as me always looking out for useful things. One of my staff is so talented as she can make any costume with a remnant of material or knit any size garment without a pattern. She was written off at school for being a non-acedemic.

My deputy even asked her family to buy her some lovely ethnic instruments to use at pre-school for her christmas present.

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I have just been reading these e-mails to my husband. He said he didn't think there were as many people that were accumulating as much Rubbish as me in the home. I could actually do with room in the house which could be filled with all those 'useful things' I can't bare to throw away.

My husband now says to the children throw that away before your mother sees it!!

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'You had a room and you filled it and then couldn't use it anymore' was my husband's response when I read some of the messages out. we moved house last November, so I took my 'stuff' to school. I now have a heap fo 'useful stuff' in a store cupboard at school waiting to be sorted (but of course I know what is there!)

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