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We have a member of staff who is hearing impaired, so needs to attend medical appointments several times a year. We generally ask staff to make appointments before/after sessions, or take time off without pay (or swap a shift).


However, the new staff member requires the whole day, and cannot "negotiate" appointments.


Is anyone else in a similar position, and how do you manage this? I am thinking about the legislation regarding Disability Discrimination.


Many thanks.


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Sorry I do not have the answer to this but I would think that you may have to compromise and somehow find away of allowing some appointments and some from holiday entitlement.

A bit different I know but a member of staff who is pregnant is entitled to time to attend appointments so would think the same principle applies but it is different circumstances in that pregnancy is not permanent state and it doesn't seem fair that all holiday entitlement should be taken for appointments either which why I think a compromise should be tried.

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I just said as long as a letter was produced to confirm appointment then that was fine - as things like hospital appointments are always going to be in work time.

For part time staff it is easier as if appointment was on working day they didn't mind swapping with another member of staff .

Full time staff I would just ensure ratios were ok and staff member would go.

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