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Hi Guys, Hoping you can help!


I recently received a transfer of file from another setting.


I accepted the transfer but as I wasn't sure what to do next I didn't merge the file to the child's current one that we hold.


Therefore the transfer was sitting there for a month. I have now had notification that the other setting cancelled the transfer.


I hadn't realised it was on a time frame and now think the child's data might be lost forever?!


I'll contact the other setting to check, but wondered if anyone can shed any light on this beforehand?



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The transfer does not merge children or relatives, you would just end up with two copies of any that you already had. Currently if you want to merge those you need to manually go through each observation and swap the children around until one child has no obs, then delete that child. We are intending to add tools to make this merging easier, but we would never let Tapestry merge any profiles without a manager initiating it.


There is no time limit for a transfer, but in the early stages it is possible for it to be cancelled by the sending or receiving setting. Given that it's been a month, I think it's very unlikely that anything has been lost forever so they should be able to send you the child again.

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Hi, help we have tries to ring but no answer. I have pressed the transfer key for two children, our local school has asked us to share our preschool files. The transfer was initiated at approx. 12.30 today and the status still shows as "In progress" how long shoud a transfer take ? Sorry first timer feeling a bit lost with this process

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I'm sorry you couldn't get through to us! We don't generally offer phone support but if you email us for help (our address is customer.service@eyfs.info) we're usually very quick to respond!

There are lots of settings transferring children at the moment which has meant a bit of a queue for the transfer to be generated. You should have the key now, but if not, send us an email with the transfer name (the one that starts with 2017-07) and we'll take a look at it to see if there is anything wrong.

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