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looking for some clarity and advice.


I work in a small school and lead EYFS and KS1 and we have a mixed Rec, yr1 and yr2 class. I have been using Tapestry in Rec for the past 2 years.


We are taking over a charity ran nursery that has been using our premises and I want the staff to switch from another online learning journal toTapestry. The school bursar has increased the number of children on my Tapestry account so the nursery can have a trial with it thinking that this would then be easier to keep the children on come September.


However, I am the manager on our Rec account and check all observations but I don't want to have to do this for the nursery too as they have their own manager. Will it be easier to set them up as a completely different account when we renew in September or is there any way of having two separate groups and managers on one account? I know I can set up groups but would I be able to have a different manager for a new group?


So I guess what I'm asking is what is the best way to manage a rec and nursery on Tapestry? I would like to also have an overview of what is going on in the nursery as I am the EYFS lead but want the manager in there to do the day to day running and authorisation of obs etc. What do people do where they have more than one reception class?

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance

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Hi johncross,


We do normally suggest separate packages as an easier option; we have heard feedback from other settings that they find this easier to manage in terms of setting up groups and different permissions.


It is worth noting that you can add as many managers to a Tapestry account as you wish, and we do suggest having more than one manager set up on the account. So, if you set up the package for the nursery you could be set up as a manager so you could login to see the overview of what is happening but their manager would also be set up as manager so they can deal with day-to-day running of the account.


I hope this helps!

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