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Just looking for a bit of advice about a little boy I'm unsure about he's 31 months and although he doesn't show any significant developmental delay he does struggle socially. He is still breastfed and has a huge attachment to mum who he talks about throughout the day e.g. If we're looking at a dinosaur book he'll name the dinosaurs mammy dinosaur and then (his name)dinosaur if we're singing tommy thumb he asks us to sing mammy finger and then (his name) finger. With regards to his social skills he has developed a bond with 2 little girls who he follows and joins in with their play he never initiates play, he can't stand loud noises and gets upset also he can't stand being in a group of children and will leave the activity one example is reading s book in a group of 3 him included but when 2 others come to join us he gets upset and leaves the activity. He is a very sensitive little boy but I don't want to put it down to the way mum has got him and miss something I could hopefully help with. Sorry for the long post just trying to give you an insight into what he's like

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This is really tricky under the age of 3 because he will still be egocentric anyway and should be attached to Mum! Is dad around? he doesn't appear to mention him. You could suggest a hearing test just to rule out any issues with noise...has he had one recently? Otherwise try sitting him on your knee when reading a story so that he has the comfort of you and see if that helps or have him really close to you rather than in opposition and see if that works, keep him close and don't ask lots of questions just let him be him and see if things improve ;) :1b

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