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Manager/Deputy cover?


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We are currently recruiting for a Deputy Manager and hope to have one start soon but given they have to give notice it may be September.


Currently the Manager is usually in all week but if they have a meeting or go on an outing one of our Level 3's step in as Named Deputy.


My questions are:


If the Manager was to take a longer period of leave (annual/sick for example). Could we request a member of staff step in for the time being?


None of the Level 3s wanted to apply for the role..as they didn't want the responsibility.


If they didn't​ want to cover for any longer leave of absence what would we need to do?


Note one of our Level 3's is a Senior Practitoner and her Job Description states she would take lead in the Deputys absence, but we don't have a Deputy at the moment.


Thanks all

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I don't think you can insist them someone takes the role. However, if the role is stripped back to safeguarding, health and safety and whatever else you feel is important then you might get someone who is more prepared to cover in the short term - if another member of staff was assisting or leading on other aspects of the management role. If it was me I woudl have a staff meeting and look at the manager's job description and talk about which members of staff could assist where.

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