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Hi Just a comment from a couple of parents, would it be possible to flag unread observations so if an observation has been added with a date before current observations parents can see that have not looked at it? Maybe just change the colour of the background button with their name on from one colour to another once read by the parent?
I know there is a notification on the Emails we have this turned off as not to bombard parents with Emails ??
Also from us as a setting we have been posting our news letters direct to tapestry is there a way of beside the "Like" flag have a option of "READ" we currently have a competition to get parents to read the Newsletters currently if they click " LIKE" they will be entered into a free draw for a morning free childcare, but it is bit presumptuous of us asking them to like it ? When they may not like it all.... but to click to say "READ" we could see that have and still enter the competition >





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We don't actually have either of those things on our to do list at the moment, but thank you for the suggestions! If anyone else reading this would also like to see either of those things please do comment on this post.


It's great to hear how you're trying to encourage relatives to keep up to date with what's going on with your setting! I'm not sure if you're aware of this but we do have making an official newsletter feature on our to do list so hopefully that will make things a bit easier. I will discuss with the team here whether it's feasible to have a 'read' note added to that.

In terms of your notifications, if you have those turned on for relatives, they can decide for themselves how frequently they're emailed. So it can be as soon as an observation is added if they like, but it could also be once once a day (if something is added for them every day), once a week, or if they don't want to get emails at all, it can be set to internal, which means they'll have a little mark by the bell at the top of the page when they log in to the browser version of Tapestry. If they do this, that might help them to see whether they do have any unread observations.


I hope that helps a bit!

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