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30 hour funding and how to offer enough sessions to support growth

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Hi all,


We are a preschool that from September will be offering preschool sessions between the hours of 9.00- 3.30, two preschool sessions and a 45 minute lunch in between.


We have planned to offer 10 x 30 hour places from September.


We have then gone on to work out many 15 hour spaces, 18 hour spaces and 9 hour spaces to ensure flexibility.


However we also wanted to stipulate that some of these hours must include afternoon sessions and morning sessions, so if a child come for 9 hours, 2 p.m. and 1 a.m. session.


Can we do this???


Is anyone else having this same dilemma or are we making it too difficult??



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I'm afraid we have had to say 30 or 15 and then if we have any left we will offer to remainders. I have been a little more flexible with two of my current families (as we've changed our rulings after our initial contract.

You can offer what you like (as long as your lea agreement allows)

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