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Are you able to block parents from seeing comments made by staff. I am looking through some observations and would like to be able to give staff some pointers or suggest things but don't really want the parents to see that.


Thank you in advance

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Hi Diane,

I'm afraid it's not currently possible to hide comments from relatives, but are you aware of our 'Additional Information' section? That is essentially a second 'Notes' box but it can be hidden from relatives if you like.

To find your settings for that, you just need to first go to your 'Control Panel', then click on 'Settings' and then 'Observations'. From there you will see a tick box saying 'Show Additional Information field'. You can tick that and save the page to turn it on.


To ensure that relatives cannot see that you'll need to go to your 'Control Panel' > 'Settings' > 'Relatives' and make sure that the box saying 'Show "Additional Information" section to relatives' is not ticked.

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Hi jshepherd,

Thank you for your question! If the additional information box is hidden from relatives, when you create a PDF copy of the child's journal, as long as the recipient is marked as the relative, then the additional information box will not be included. 

Please note that if you export the PDF journals for 'staff' and then provide a copy of this to relatives, as the version was meant for staff members, it will include the additional information field. When exporting journals that are meant for relatives, always make sure that the recipient is set to relatives.

I hope this was reassuring!

Best wishes,


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