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What to put in part 6 which is not repeating what is in part 4?

I've just had a quick look ... I assume you're talking about the 'outcomes' section. Remember that the SEF is for you to record how you are self-evaluating - if it's not new information then don't put it in. I would bullet point and cross-reference. So for example:

"All children in our setting make at least good progress and some make exceptional progress. This is because we closely monitor their development and support them to achieve their carefully planned next steps in learning [see Key people/next steps section 4, para 2]. Children who come to us with a lower than expected level of development make extremely rapid progress becaue we work closely with SEN teams from our LA [XREF working with other professionals/ SEN/KPs section 4, para 1] and we liaise regularly and successfully with all those involved in their lives to ensure that there is a shared understanding of how to help them [XREF partnerships, section X para Y].

Does that help?

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