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I am in a difficult position and I am to say the least unsure of how to deal with the situation.


I have members of staff telling me that this staff member is not working as a team, takes her time to do things and wonders off. However when management is in the room she acts busy.


However that member of staff stated that she feels mocked by other staff, not respected and bossed about. She feels that she hasn't got the confidence to lead a session as staff do not support her, or she is worried they will mock her.


What can I do to address this, apart from reminding staff how to work as a team as a whole at a staff meeting.

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Can you try some team building activities. An afternoon tea or group training any gong just to get everyone to see another characteristic to each other.

as manager you need to try & understand what is going on. You say that when she is observed she is busy. Is this formal observation or just when you pop your head around the door?

What is the issue with the rest of the team. Have they been together and is this someone new that they are not accepting yet?

There could be so many reasons but you need to understand what is really going on and it might mean spending more time with the team. Sorry not sure how you are set up or operate if you want to give us more detail (how many staff, full day care or sessional, hall or small rooms etc) someone here will give more advice.

But good luck. Let us know how it all goes.

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Do she know what she expected to do and do the other staff who are complaining also know what she is expected to do?


We've had a similar situation with apprentices, when more experienced staff just get on and do stuff but the apprentices need telling specifically what is expected of them.

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