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I have a group of children (mostly boys) who have suddenly shown a real interest in imaginative role play games. We do not have a role play area as such, I move the home corner in and out as required, we currently have a den in response to observing them wanting to hide under tables the whole time. I would like to go with the idea of a deconstructed role play area and prop boxes. If you do this, please can you give me some ideas of how and what you use to resource this.

Many thanks.

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I guess we do this. We are in a massive hall, and have no proper outside area- therefore we section of just under half for free physical play.

Some days we just have bikes/scotters, and other days we have things like-


Cardboard boxes, tubes, fabrics etc. (big boxes, but also lots of 'banana' boxes as they are perfect size and very strong)

Steering Wheels and the 'tube phones'

We have a small amount of the large CP hollow blocks which go in there too.

Plus a few adult sized gopack tables (5ft long ) which they love putting together making a long den/tunnel with. We usually set a smallish area up before opening, just to get them started.


They can take any of the continuous provision stuff into the area- BUT they have to take it back when they've finished - we add their name onto the whiteboard to remind us (and them) who needs to tidy certain resources. (they take play food for picnics usually!!)




The children pretty much self police the area now- although you do need to watch that the littlies don't get hidden in the boxes while the older ones are moving them about.

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