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Cannot enter your password on a Hudl 1?


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Does nothing happen when you type in a password on the login page on the Tapestry App when using a Hudl 1?

There is an intermittent fault on the Hudl 1 Android devices that means you sometimes cannot enter your password in the password field. The keyboard is open, and you can type, but nothing appears in the password field (you would normally see the letter you typed briefly, before it is replaced with a *).

What should you do?


If it happens, a workaround is to:

  • Quit the app (press the app switching key marked with two rectangles at the bottom of the screen; swipe left over the tapestry icon; press the home key marked with a pentagon that looks a bit like a house at the bottom of the screen).
  • Open the app again
  • Click on the email field and enter your email.
  • This is the important bit: do not immediately press on the email field. Instead click somewhere low down the screen (e.g., on the message starting Version ...). This will cause the keyboard to disappear. Wait for the keyboard to finish disappearing.
  • Once the keyboard has disappeared, click on the password field and enter your password.
  • Click login

We are sorry that this is a bit of a hassle, and a bit hit and miss.

How can you tell if you have a Hudl that suffers from the problem?


You can tell if you have a Hudl 1 if, at the bottom of the Tapestry app login screen, there is a message that ends with “Hudl HT7S3-17”.


If you are experiencing this bug, but the message says something different, please email us at customer.service@eyfs.info and let us know the full contents of the message and what you are experiencing.

Are you working on fixing the problem?


We are working on it, but we haven’t yet found the root cause of the problem, so can’t give any estimate of when it will be fixed. We are hampered by the fact that the fault is occurring in the Android operating system (though, no doubt, triggered by something our app does) and the version of the Android operating system that the Hudl 1 runs is no longer supported by Google so we are finding it difficult to get to the bottom of what is going on.

So what, exactly, is the fault?


It seems that sometimes, the keyboard that you see on the screen gets disconnected from the app (it is software, but it is as if the cable connecting the keyboard was pulled out). We can see the disconnect message in the logs, but not what has caused the disconnect.


Our suspicion is that when you move from the email to the password field, Android tries to disconnect the keyboard from the email field, but doesn’t manage to complete it before it tries to connect the keyboard to the password field, and gets in a tangle.


We think the workaround works, because it gives the Hudl time to disconnect the keyboard fully from the email field, before attempting to connect it to the password field.

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