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Bar graphs for comparison and age bands


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The bar graphs where you can select say baseline and last term is great very well presented but then add in a third snapshot and it goes to a much less useful pin point type graph. Can it be that you can select say 3 snapshots and still get a bar graph please?

I used to produce a similar type before Tapestry and they are so easy for parents to understand and can see progress (or not) at blink of an eye. I understand you carnt physically fit too many on but in a school year I'd say max is 3 or 4 snapshots required.


Also searching using filters for observations is great, have I overlooked an aspect or if not can I request it please it's more of a staffing support - could an extra filter be for area of learning and age band, say PSED MR 40-60? This will really help us to look at what observations have been linked to a scaled down section helping us to moderate DM's as with everything the beholder may see different to another and so being able to look at a section of observations that relate to a age and would be helpful.


Thank you

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Hi seashells,

Adding a third bar to that screen is something that's on our to do list, yes! We're hoping to start work on the analysis section very soon so we should have a better idea of what will be added and when it will be released in the new year.

It's not possible to filter by the age band that has been selected, but if you use the 'Assessments' section of the Observations page you can search for all observations made in a particular area/aspect and the assessment scores are clearly displayed under that so hopefully you'll find the ones in 40-60 for example, quite easily.

Having a specific filter for an age band isn't something that I've heard requested before I don't think. Is it something anyone reading this would be interested in having? Please comment below if so!

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I had exactly the same conversation yesterday regarding the bar charts and trying to add a third snap shot in. I wanted to produce a bar chart with baseline, autumn 1 and autumn 2 but it changed to a pin point graph that meant nothing if I'm honest.


It would be very useful at the end of the year to be able to produce a bar chart of the 3 terms. Quick, easy and clear for all to understand.


Thank you


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