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I asked not long ago about pixelating photos on group photos but I would like to see this as we do have parents who do not want their child on another child's profile. I have staff whos children attend the setting and they have also requested their children not be in group photos, they don't have facebook and would not want to see screen shot group photos on the internet. I know in a parental agreement parents sign to say they will not put photos on social media from Tapestry but it is still happening in other local settings and become an issue for them.


The All About Me Sheet - would be good if it had a bit we could add questions in, I know you can enable certain sections but we found we would also like to gather other info on the form.


Reports - The summative assessments have the age band trackers on but from parent feedback they like to read the report and not worry about that the age band tracker means and feel worried if children are below age related. It would be good if we could also enable this when needed.


PDF Downloads - we have printed off journals for parents leaving or moving yet been unable to change anything on them and one journal printed 29 pages with quite a few of the pages add one title or line on when we could have condensed that information.



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Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your suggestions!

The option to pixelate individual children is something that's on our to do list. We have previously done some work on this but came across a number of issues that meant we weren't happy with it and ultimately had to put it aside until some significant changes could be made to the system as a whole. Now that we have released the updated version of Tapestry though, we may have more luck. This isn't something we are going to start work on immediately, but I can assure you that it is a feature that we are interested in adding! For now however, you will need to use the option to hide all group media from relatives. You can turn that on from your control panel by going to Settings > Relatives.

I have good news regard your About Me suggestion! It is currently possible to add your own questions to the About Me forms :1b . To do that you need to go to your control panel > Settings > About Me, then use the 'Custom Fields' section at the bottom of the page.


I'm afraid it's not possible to hide the age band and refinement sections on reports though. I don't think that's actually something I've heard requested before! If anyone else is reading this and agrees that it would be good to be able to remove it please do leave a comment below!

You can edit the age bands and refinements in reports without it affecting your snapshots though, so one thing you might want to consider is overriding them to 'Not Assessed' and 'No refinement' within the report. Alternatively you could just create an observation and only fill in the notes section with what you would otherwise put in the report. You can then export a PDF copy of the journal for the relatives without including assessments (so they don't show up for your other observations).


What are you interested in changing within the PDF journals? There are a couple of options for customising them e.g. making it more printer friendly, deciding how you want the observations to be laid out, and whether to include certain assessments or not. If there are whole observations that you don't want to be included you can change the status of them to 'not in journal' then choose to not include the observations hidden from relatives in the export.

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Hi - We have a looked after child who's parents don't want them to appear in other children's Journals. Therefore the pixilation feature would be very useful. The current setting means that every parent is blocked form seeing pictures/videos in group observations. It would be great if we could specify by child, rather than for everyone as parents.


Many Thanks

Sam Gunter

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Hi Sam,


Thanks for the feedback, as Lauren has stated this is something that we will look into adding to Tapestry.


In the mean time we do suggest perhaps using another app to take the photo and pixelate out any children and then upload this to Tapestry. You could also use the crop function on Tapestry when editing an image if the children could easily be cropped out of the photo.

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We definitely do intend to introduce a way of hiding individual children in photos. This is something we want to get right though, so we don't want to rush into a solution that doesn't work well for people. Once we've worked out the correct approach, we will add it.

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