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Hi there


I would love to see an option to privatise certain comments to make them 'staff only' or an added 'staff only comment that was only visible to the author of the ob, as I think this would be a useful tool for staff coaching and suggestions on specific observations. I often put a suggestion or comment on an observation but have to delete many of them before I authorise as they are not always relevant to a parent.


I would also like to ask if there may be a feature to add single children to a package. For example my setting is currently on a 60 children package. It not be financially viable to opt into the 90 children package at an additional £45 per year, but I would consider going over by just a few. If there was an option of £5 per additional child until 8 children that would be great.

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Hi Ladybirdludlow,

Thank you for the suggestions!


If there are any other weavers reading this, would a private staff comment section also be useful for you?


There isn't a specific private comments box option right now, but you could re-purpose the 'Assessment' text box for that. You can activate it from your control panel by going to Settings > Observations, and can make sure that relatives can't see it by going to Settings > Relatives.


We don't have any plans to have a +1 single child feature at the moment. I completely understand how frustrating it is to go over by just one child but it might interest you to know that 61 children on a 90 child package means that you're still only paying 23p per child per month (£2.77 per child per year).

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​Ah now one of my IT literate staff members was asking something similar today...what we were discussing was the ability to write a note that could be seen by staff but not parents ...maybe because it's not written the way we would present to parents at that it might contain something that the child cannot do with a message to their keyworker to do some obs on it (well that kind of thing!!)

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