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Hi we have a child at our setting who is due to start school she displays ASD traits but has no spoken language, just sounds. She is making progress and has professional support. Her parents have asked what questions they should be asking when they look around schools. I just wanted to gather some advice to see what you would suggest. Thanks

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With no language I think I would be asking is main stream school likely to be the best place for their child?


I work in a nursery attached to a school and over the years I have seen many children placed in a reception class and even in our school (which has a good reputation for its nurturing approach) and with support, this has not worked that well. With no language, how much of the curriculum will this child be able to access? Thinking of class sizes too and generally in school the lack of ASD expertise I would be worried. I have felt time and time again that within nursery we were not adequately supported with children with ASD and generally our ratios are much lower than what the parents will find in school.


So to go back to the original question in the post (sorry went off track) I think the parents should look at each schools SEN policies, look at class sizes, ask if they have previous experience supporting children with ASD. Look at the environment too is it calming or busy.


With professional support hopefully they will be guided to a decision that is a good fit for their child.

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