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30 hours LED event London 21st November 2016


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On Monday I attended the 30 hours event in London.

I've never been to such a 'packed out' event - it's very clear how strong the feelings are regarding this issue.

There were various presentations - I'll talk about each one in turn. I have permission to put the slides up on FSF and we are working with the 'Childcare works' team to provide a dedicated forum space on FSF for their materials as they are very keen to get their message out across as wide a range of people as possible.

Firstly, the team from 'Childcare works' spoke. I was impressed by their drive and commitment, they led on the 'Achieving two year olds' project as well. Childcare works is the project title and it will be run by consultancies Hempsalls, Action for Children, and Mott MacDonald. I was pleased to see that they have early years specialists as part of the team and, anecdotally (over coffee), the childcare specialists really understand the issues providers are facing and as nursery providers themselves are very well aware of the potential difficulties that lie ahead. The comments from attendees were as you might expect and reflected the thoughts and feelings that have been expressed on FSF recently.

The slide presentation for the 'Childcare works' team is attached below.

CW LED master slides.pdf

The slides are clear and self-explanatory, there are some web links included so make sure you click on them and get yourself on the relevant email lists.

The questions asked by attendees were about the availability of the courses and seminars as they are not widely available - this was agreed and subsequent meetings will be in different locations to allow as many as possible to attend.

We then had presentations from Early Implementers in Hertfordshire and Portsmouth. The messages from both local authorities and from providers were clear:

  • plan ahead
  • consider partnerships
  • make sure you are fully informed
  • make your parents are fully informed - manage their expectations

You can read the presentation from Portsmouth here:

Portsmouth presentation - London LED.pdf

The final presentation was from the DfE and she presented clearly, although obviously aware of some frustrations amongst her audience.

The DfE slide presentation is here:

DfE Slides CW LED (003).pdf

She talked through the events so far in readiness for the full roll out of the 30 hours provision in September 2017.

She spoke at length about how parents will check their eligibility, receive confirmation and then re-confirm their eligibility using an online system currently under development - it will not be down to the providers to make these checks. The eligibility system will link between the DfE and HMRC to ensure that parents' info can be verified. The DfE is currently working with LA IT systems to work out how best to link in and share this info with them.

The 30 delivery consultation outcomes are clearly described in the slides.

Early years capital strategy - those of you waiting for bid results you need slide 9

We were reminded that the consultation on L3 GCSE requirement closes on 28th November - if you haven't responded you need to - there is a link on slide 13

Revised EYFS will be published 2017 - to include any necessary changes to qualification requirements and will include training requirements regarding 1st aid


If you were there or are due to attend one of the regional events then please add to my thread - I've tried to capture everything but .....

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Thanks Rebecca. I still think- Until we know our funded rate we cannot do/make any proper plans.

It's ludicrous- I've read through all the stuff and its very interesting with some good advice and plans but

I'm not sure how they think we can do financial or cash predictions not knowing. We rely totally on the additional

money we get from our fees that are now over £1 per hour higher than our funding. Its all very well to say that the average funding will be £4.88 per hour but what if you're not in that average. They are also saying that vast majority of providers will get an increase in their funding however that isnt what I'm hearing on here.

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Thank you so much for sharing this, particularly the info from the DfE. Can you tell me the name and position of the person presenting from the DfE please?

No, sorry I didn't get her name - she did very well though. There was another lady from DfE who sat at the back (if you were there, she was the one in the very bright blue dress who chipped in at one point) - I saw her again at Westminster in the afternoon (at the committee debate) sitting behind Caroline Dinenage - that reassured me. It showed that DfE were sending their top team to the meeting and they cannot have failed to have grasped the message coming back from providers.

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Id like to know how they are going to identify SEND children.....very unusual at this age to have an EHCP in place so what will be the criteria?????

Indeed. There was much debate about this on my table. Sue Robb who is one of the EY specialists is particularly hot on this. When you've read the bits - why don't you email her and offer your expertise?

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